A Practical Guide to Auto Parts

Author: Hou

Jun. 20, 2024

The automobile is composed of thousands of parts. During the driving process, all parts of the automobile must work, and each part must cooperate closely to ensure the normal operation of the automobile. There are many common auto parts, such as glass water, wiper blades, splash plugs, brake pads and so on.

For car repair and maintenance, it is necessary to understand the function of auto parts. Today, I will explain to you the knowledge of auto parts. Let's learn together!

01 Car air filter

The function of this accessory is to filter the dust suspended in the air when the engine is working and ensure the cleanliness of the intake air. The air filter on the car is mostly paper material, theoretically the replacement cycle is about 20,000 kilometers, and the specific replacement time is determined according to the use environment and use conditions.

02 Car air conditioning filter

The role of the air conditioner filter and air filter is a truth, when the air conditioner is turned on, the dust or pollen entering the air conditioning system is filtered to ensure that the air in the evaporation box and the car is clean.

03 Gasoline filter

The function of this accessory is to filter out impurities in the fuel, so that the mixture after combustion into the cylinder is cleaner, on the one hand, it can protect the engine, on the other hand, it also makes the emission more environmentally friendly. Most engines are equipped with disposable, non-removable paper filter gasoline filters, which in theory have a replacement cycle of 10,000 kilometers.

04 Engine oil

Engine oil is also called engine oil. If the engine is compared to the heart of a car, then the oil is the blood of the car. Its main function is to reduce the wear between various parts of the engine and prolong the service life of the engine when the engine is running.

Spare parts for Truck radiator.png

05 Spark plug

The function of spark plug, simply speaking, is to ignite combustible mixture. The spark plug can introduce the high voltage current in the battery into the cylinder and generate an electric spark to ignite the mixture in the cylinder, thus starting the cylinder and starting the engine. Automobile spark plug is a part that needs to be replaced regularly. Every time you start ignition, it will cause certain loss to the spark plug. Bad car habits will also lead to more carbon deposits, which will affect the life of the spark plug.

06 Glass water

The main function of glass water is to clean windshields and headlights. Glass water is divided into winter and summer glass water two kinds, winter according to the local temperature to use the lower freezing point of glass water, summer glass water mostly for cleaning gel removal role.

07 Wiper blade

The function of wiper blade is to refresh the windshield surface in rainy days to ensure clear vision. When wiper blade is not clean, it needs to be replaced. In theory, the replacement cycle is about 1 year.

08 Brake pads

Brake pads, also known as brake pads, are the executive parts of the brake system, and the quality of the brake pads directly affects the performance of the brakes. When the brake pedal is depressed, the brake pads are pressed against the disc or drum to prevent the wheel from rotating. Different driving habits will make a huge difference in the wear of brake pads, and the specific replacement time needs to be judged by yourself.

09 Transmission oil

Transmission oil, also known as transmission oil, is mainly used to form a layer of oil film during shifting to buffer strong shocks. On the one hand, it can make the gearbox work more smoothly, on the other hand, it can keep the gearbox clean and prolong its service life.

10 antifreeze

Antifreeze, also known as coolant, its main role is to freeze and give the engine heat. Of course, antifreeze is not equal to water, and the substances incorporated in it can play an anti-corrosion and anti-scale role.

11 Clutch plate

The clutch plates are used to transmit power to the transmission. Under normal circumstances, the clutch plate does not need to be replaced, but if it smells burnt in the car, it is difficult to diagnose whether there is a problem with the clutch, and if there is a problem, it needs to be replaced.

The above is the introduction of commonly used auto parts. Hope this article can provide some references for car owners when choosing and understanding auto parts. Although the car is complex, as long as we understand its various parts, we can carry out more targeted maintenance. In the future, with the advancement of technology, there may be more innovations and changes in auto parts, but understanding the basic knowledge is always the key to our harmonious coexistence with the car.





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