Highlights Of Electric Patrol Car

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Mar. 13, 2023

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As EVs relate to managing vehicles on security patrols, there are many different analysis considerations to compare to traditional fleet vehicle options. We'll cover the basics of electric patrol vehicle considerations so you can decide if an electric vehicle really makes sense for your security patrol service. 

Highlights Of Electric Patrol Car

• Unique frame: rust proof, corrosion proof, stronger structure, longer service life. 

• High performance battery: deep cycle large capacity lead-acid battery group, long life, effectively improve the power and driving mileage. 

• Senior seats: the overall seat is more firm, and the use of senior sea mat or glass fiber reinforced plastic, more comfortable and durable. 

• Stable system: years of experience to form a better match of electric control, motor, drive axle, to ensure that the whole system is stable, efficient, durable. 

• Smooth driving experience: advanced vehicle controller can intelligently distribute energy, more stable acceleration/deceleration, to provide users with a comfortable and smooth driving experience. 

• Quiet drive axle: the unique design of the combined rear axle can effectively reduce the vibration of the chassis and the noise of the motor, making the driving more pleasant. 

• Open design: broad vision, maximum extent to meet the requirements of inspection. 

• Humanized design: alarm lights, loudspeakers are available.

Electric Patrol Car's Highlights

Affecting Factors of Using Electric Patrol Car

So how can you ensure that the next time you order a replacement vehicle for your security patrol, you'll choose the right Electric Patrol Car with the lowest total cost of ownership? Consider the following:


Dwell time

Is the vehicle parked long enough to fully charge for the next day or after get off work? This can affect what type of charging solution you need and thus the overall cost.


Average daily mileage

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Is the daily use of the vehicle consistently below the expected range for the EV under consideration? Or do you need a midday charge plan?


Climate/Battery Health

Note that extreme weather such as harsh winters can limit expected range. If you live in an area with more extreme weather conditions, using an electric vehicle for security patrols may not be practical.


Cash Flow

Can you afford the monthly payments for a potentially pricier EV? Are you eligible for available tax credits?

When leasing a vehicle, the owner is usually the leasing agency. Many lessors use full or partial credit to help reduce the cost of an EV lease, but this is not required and not always possible, depending on the leasing company. Just be sure to have the conversation ahead of time to avoid any surprises.


Driver Driving Skill Technology

Consider that there needs to be a solid plan in place to keep the vehicle powered on overnight for a full charge the next day. Existing systems ensure that vehicles are being charged while parked at a certain location, but require trusted and reliable employees to ensure charging is done.

It could be as simple as creating a security mission as part of a patrol to make sure it gets done, but it's obviously critical to keep electric cars charged in a timely manner.


Uptime/Total Miles

Finally, if the above issues qualify you to add an EV to your fleet, make sure you actually use the EV in your security patrol service. EV savings come primarily from lower operating costs. Therefore, vehicles need to be used to achieve these savings. Don't buy an EV just to appease stakeholders.

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