Making Introductions

Author: Fatuma

Nov. 28, 2023

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Making Introductions

If you know two people who haven't met, you can introduce them to each other. If you want to meet someone, you can introduce yourself. Here are some examples of phrases of introduction.

When Introducing Other People (starting with formal  versions and moving to informal versions)

  • I'd like you to meet Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms./Dr. (last name).

  • I'd like to introduce  (first and last name).

  • (First name), this is (first name).

When Introducing Yourself (starting with formal  versions and moving to informal versions)

  • I don't think we've met. May I introduce myself?

  • Hello. My name is (first name and last name).

  • Hi. I'm (first name).

Greeting Responses that Follow an Introduction (starting with formal  versions and moving to informal versions)

Greeting Response How do you do? (It's a) Pleasure meeting you. I'm (pleased, happy, glad) to meet you. (Pleased, Happy, Glad) to meet you, too. (It's) (Nice, Good, Great) meeting you. Same here.

Greeting Responses for People You Know (starting with formal  versions and moving to informal versions)

Greeting Response Good (morning, afternoon, evening) (name). Good (morning, afternoon, evening) (name). Hello, (name). How are you? Very well, thank you. Hi. How are you doing? Fine, thanks. And you? Hi, (name). What's new? Nothing much.

With friends who really want to know how you are, you can answer questions about how you feel truthfully. Examples: "Not very well," "I'm feeling sick," "I just lost my job."

Approaching or Introducing Yourself to a Professor

Introduce Yourself Clarify Your Interest Clarify His/Her Availability I'm a first year MBA student, and ... I'd like to talk with you about... Is this a good time to talk? I'm planning to take your course on... I'm really interested in... Could we talk for a few minutes? I saw your course listing and ... I'm curious about... Can I stop in later to talk with you for a few minutes? I read about your work with... I could use some help with... Would you have time to meet with me to talk about that?

Handling Pleasantries

If they say The usual response is Or you could try Hi. How are you? Fine, thanks, and you? Actually, I'm a little lost, do you have a second? How ya doing? Okay, How about you? Okay, but I could use some help with a couple crazy English words. How's it going? Okay, and you? What's happening? Not much, how about you? Well, I'm trying to figure out... What's up? Same old same old, and you? Actually, right now I'm trying to... Hey dude! What's up? No much. What're you up to? I feel clueless! Does this fog ever lift? Hey, how's it going, great to see ya, gotta run, catch ya later. Hi (and a wave) Bye!


I think it's disrespectful to introduce yourself in a way that instantly commands that level of respect im not ever expected to give anyone at least in my field or work and even personal life. I don't care if you own NASA, you're a nobody to me if you're going to be that disrespectful on your first introduction.

*****Now *I dont think its wrong to call or refer to someone as Mr or Mrs when you speak to them first, etc* as its quite formal and professional when contacting someone. And it's the default way to refer to someone when working in certain industries and situations like court.

But to introduce yourself on a first meeting, contact, phonecall etc... In that way and expect to be called that is disrespectful in itself when the person is completely unrelated to anything you do. Maybe if it was the owner of your company or your boss or someone who actually holds a royal title i guess then you don't have a choice.

Yet for it to be fine calling me by my first name at the same time almost seems like you're trying to place yourself above me in some sort of illusionary hierarchy that I'm not a part of and you don't exist in way before even speaking with me about whatever it is we are due to converse about.

I know its standard for some industries but when someone who i don't owe any respect to in any kind of way calls and wants to be referred to as Mr or Mrs so and so, it's just plain rude unless you're going to refer to me as the same, which they never do. I know this for a fact because someone called me once and introduced themself as mr so and so and i said oh you're through to Mr (my second name) and they did not like that one bit. To the point they asked for my first name but somehow forget to give me there's.

Could just be me being an edgelord but hey ho that's what this subreddits for. I just wondered if anyone agrees with me or if I'm just weird.

Here in the UK its very very rare, at least from my experience to call someone sir, madame or Mr/Mrs (insert second name here) Unless in the services. I know some big companies, corporations and banks have their telephone staff do it by default which i get but I've never been told to do it myself or told anyone they should do it.

When i get calls and someone actually refers to me a MR (second name) it's usually an important call or the bank and i instantly cringe and ask them to call me by my first name. But i get why they refer to you like that to start with. that i don't have an issue with as that's you portraying you respect to someone. not demanding it instantly. can you image if your bank called you and they asked you to call them Mr or Mrs on the phone whilst referring to you by your first name?

I work in a service desk environment and speak to people from all strands of business, corporations and departments. Even the biggest of CEO's call and introduce themselves by their first name but there's just those one of two people who absolutely demand to be called MR (second name) Mrs or ma'am or sir and it just baffles me. They're usually assholes or toffs that own a small solicitors and think everyone in the world should show them undying respect they just don't deserve. .

Making Introductions

I think it's rude to *introduce yourself* as " I'm mr ... ...




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