probably a stupid, but what styles were popular in the 90s- ...

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Dec. 06, 2023

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Probably a stupid question but I couldn't really find a definitive answer online and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find a good frame so figured I gotta maybe probably go back as few years lol. Of course sunglasses were very big back then but what did I guess stylish People wear when they couldn't see? Ik the 80s were very big round or square frames but what did they wear then?

The 1990s brought major changes to the fashion world. Vibrant and bold 80s trends transformed into grounded, minimalistic styles. Now in the 2020s, we’re finding 90s glasses have made a big comeback.

For all the retro eyewear fans, we’re here to guide you through the trends that dominated the 90s and how you can find the perfect pair of glasses to fit your vintage ensemble.

Yesglasses offers hundreds of colors, shapes, and styles for both glasses and sunglasses. Find the perfect retro frames in our ever-expanding collection of frame materials.

What were the fashion trends of the 1990s?

The 90s were dominated by a casual chic style. Gone were the more excessive and bold stylings of the 80s, and in its place were comfier, looser fitting clothing.

The rise of alternative rock, especially from places like Seattle, put the spotlight on musicians who sported the grunge look. This had a big influence on fashion, and the look dominated everywhere from downtown LA to middle America in the early 90s.

1990 fashion trends include:

  • Oversized sweaters
  • Flannel shirts
  • Plain T-shirts
  • Baggy, ripped jeans
  • Worn-in sneakers

By the late 90s, movies like The Matrix had quite an impact on the fashion world, introducing a sleeker and more futuristic look.

  • Black trench coats
  • Chunky boots
  • Thin wire glasses

Looking for big, bold, eccentric styles? Discover the colorful and creative eyewear trends of the 1980s.

What were the most popular eyewear styles in the 1990s?

Of course, you need the perfect pair of glasses to fit your vintage look, and frames that were all the rage in the 90s were characterized by both oversized and simpler designs to fit the more down-to-earth clothing trends that were taking over.

  • Tortoise shell frames made a strong statement for both glasses and sunglasses.
  • Gold wire frames were a popular choice for their minimalist style and sleek look.
  • Circular lenses made a comeback with many actors and musicians sporting this chic and laid-back look.
  • Rectangular frames made a big splash as well, especially for glasses. Pair your rectangular lenses with some gold wireframes, and you’ve got a serious 90s throwback happening.

Looking to embrace the hippy-inspired look, with bold circular frames? Learn all about the popular frames of the 1970s.

See our top picks for 90s eyeglasses and sunglasses

The 90s had a very distinct look when it came to eyewear. They stripped away the bold designs and eccentric colors, leaving a minimalistic, refined look that you see in most professional eyewear today.

Tortoise Shell 90s Frames

Circular or oversized tortoise shell frames were all that and a bag of chips back in the 90s. Combine them with a plain T-shirt and a pair of relaxed-fit jeans, and you’ll look like you stepped right out of 1994!

  • Lemon

  • Billie

  • Mufasa

  • Chaplin

Metal 90s Frames

Gold metal frames were also a popular style worn in the 90s. Rectangular and circular frames were equally common, and you can find movies and photos with them being worn by several well-known 90s celebs, from River Phoenix to Julia Roberts.

  • Moore

  • Baza

  • Philip

  • Dallas

Oversized 90s Sunglass Frames

Oversized frames for sunglasses were also popular among all walks of life in the 90s. There are countless photos of big Hollywood stars and musicians alike sporting this bold look.

  • Piper

  • Kingston

  • Water

  • Parr

How should 90s sunglasses and eyeglasses fit?

To achieve the perfect fit for your 90s sunglasses and eyeglasses, it's important to consider several factors. Yesglasses is here to help with our online face shape detection tool, which can provide instant frame recommendations based on your unique face shape.

Ensure the frames are the right size, with the bridge resting comfortably on your nose and the temples sitting securely over your ears.

The glasses should align with your eyes' position and feel comfortable without causing any pain or slipping.

Take advantage of Yesglasses' wide selection of styles and materials to find the ideal pair that complements your face shape and adds a touch of 90s retro flair.

Unlock the look of the 90s with Yesglasses

Whether you’re looking for glasses or sunglasses, we’ve got tons of styles and materials to choose from. Yesglasses has a large selection of frames that can fit perfectly with your 90s revival fashion. We recommend starting with our retro-vintage collection to spot many popular 90s fashion trends.

Browse through our collections for 90s inspiration or consider looking through all our eyewear styles and filtering the features you love the most.

Need help choosing the colors of your eyewear? Learn how to choose the perfect frame and lens color combos!

probably a stupid, but what styles were popular in the 90s- ...

How To Find 90s Glasses & Sunglasses




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