Simple self-test method of brake pads

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Nov. 22, 2022

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Nowadays, cars are not only a simple means of transportation, but also life partners of many people. Many friends like to play with cars and think about cars in their spare time. Some friends, even if they dont know much about cars, hope to gain more car knowledge through car experience, and use this knowledge to check their own vehicles. In the future, we will bring some tips for vehicle self-inspection one after another. Lets take a look first today. Self-check of brake pads.

How to check brake pads yourself?

Method 1: Look at the thickness

The thickness of a new brake pad is generally about 1.5cm, and the thickness will gradually become thinner with the continuous friction in use. Professional technicians suggest that when the thickness of the brake pads is only about 1/3 of the original thickness (about 0.5cm), the owner should increase the frequency of self-inspection and be ready to replace it at any time. Of course, due to the design of the wheel hub, some models do not have the conditions for visual inspection, and the tires need to be removed to complete.

There is a raised mark on both sides of each brake pad. The thickness of this mark is about two or three millimeters. This is also the limit for the thinnest replacement of the brake disc. If the thickness of the brake pad is already parallel to this mark, it must be replaced. Therefore, when the thickness of the brake pads is close to this mark, the owner must observe and prepare at any time. However, it is difficult to observe accurately with the naked eye without removing the tires. At present, many models have the position of the instrument handbrake light when the brake pads are too thin. Prompted, relatively self-test is more convenient.

Small suggestion: There is no strict replacement interval for the auto brake pads according to the vehicle environment and driving habits. Generally, it is necessary to consider replacing the brake pads after driving about 60,000 kilometers. When it is found that the brake pads are thin by naked eye observation, technicians should be asked to check during maintenance, because there will be errors in naked eye observation. Professional maintenance stations pass calipers more rigorously than naked eye observation.


If it is a drum brake, it cannot be checked by looking at it. You can use the following two methods to determine whether the brake shoes in the brake drum need to be replaced.

Method 2: Listen to the sound

If there is a sound of "iron rubbing iron" when you tap the brakes (it may also be the effect of the brake pads running in at the beginning of installation), the brake pads must be replaced immediately. Because the limit marks on both sides of the brake pads have directly rubbed the brake disc, it proves that the brake pads have exceeded the limit. In this case, when replacing the brake pads, it is necessary to cooperate with the inspection of the brake disc. When this kind of sound occurs, the brake disc is often damaged. In severe cases, the brake disc needs to be replaced.

In addition, some poor-quality brake pads have hard spots, which will also produce abnormal noise. Generally, the abnormal noise generated will disappear after a period of time.

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Small suggestion: When you hear the sound of the brakes, it is often too late, and the brake disc will be damaged more or less at this time. The price of brake discs is much higher than that of brake pads, so it is recommended that you check the brake pads frequently to avoid damage to the brake discs.

Method 3: Feel the strength

If the brakes feel very hard, it may be that the brake pads have basically lost their friction and must be replaced at this time, otherwise a serious accident will occur.

Small suggestion: This method is relatively abstract, and it may be difficult to grasp by feeling, so it is very important to develop a good self-examination habit. In addition, the reduced braking effect will increase the consumption of brake oil, so when replacing the brake pads, it is necessary to focus on checking the condition of the brake oil.

Purchase replacement advice

Many friends are used to buying maintenance materials and going to some repair shops for maintenance after they are out of warranty. For the purchase of brake pads, we still recommend going to 4S shops or regular service stores for purchase and replacement, because the current market, especially the brake pad products in the auto parts city There are various types, it is really difficult to distinguish the true from the false, and the price is also very different, and some products of 30 to 40 yuan are not qualified at all. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who do not have the ability to distinguish the true from the false do not try to buy some unqualified products cheaply and endanger the driving safety. .

If the brakes drift

Many friends feel that there is a slight deviation of their vehicles while driving, and they often decide that four-wheel alignment is required at this time. Special attention needs to be paid here. If the vehicle is running normally, but it deviates only when the brakes are slammed, the braking system should be checked.

The methods described above can help car owners to conduct daily inspections of brake pads. Of course, the self-inspection is only a rough judgment. The purpose is to detect vehicle problems as early as possible, master the current vehicle status, and of course repair and replacement work. To rely on professional repair station to carry out.

More information.

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