Updating Firmware - Crestron DM NVX 4K60 Product Manual

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Nov. 28, 2023

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Updating Firmware

To update firmware on a single DM NVX device, use the web interface as follows.


The procedure below provides information about upgrading firmware manually. For

instructions to update firmware automatically based on a scheduled period of time, refer to



1. Download the latest firmware file (*.zip) from


2. In the Action menu located in the upper-right corner of the web interface, click Update


Action Menu - Update Firmware

The Firmware Upgrade - Browse pop-up dialog box opens.

Firmware Upgrade - Browse Pop-Up Dialog Box

3. Click Browse. File Explorer opens.

4. Navigate to the latest firmware file (*.zip), select the file, and then click Open.

The Firmware Upgrade - File Upload dialog box opens.

Product Manual — Doc. 9219A


DM NVX® 4K60 4:2:0 Network AV Encoders and Decoders • 111

to a

So I have a client with a few devices that are WAY behind on updates and they are trying update everything due to vulnerabilities and such. That being said, does Crestron have a roadmap/guide when bringing devices up to date on firmware? For instance CP3N, I am looking at going from 1.503.x to 1.601.x to 1.700.x etc, until it is current.

I know Biamp has tool like this so I just wanted to see if Crestron did as well. Also, I will have a programmer assisting since there will be some changes made after the update. Not my first time doing firmware, but never had to make such a huge jump with Crestron before.

Updating Firmware - Crestron DM NVX 4K60 Product Manual

Roadmap/Guide for firmware updates : r/crestron




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